Thursday, May 30, 2013

Back to 2004?

While not confirmed yet, multiple sources have stated that James Comey will be nominated under President Obama as the next FBI director. However, just like how many of President Obama's nominees for different important positions, this one is not without its controversy. Mr. Comey worked under President Bush in the Justice department but threatened to resign because of the Bush's administration use of warrant-less wire tapping.

Other interesting thing about this particular nomination is that he worked with Bush administration. In 2008, many people voted for Obama to simply get anyone who worked with Bush out of the White House. However, President Obama has brought in many people who also worked with former President Bush. It is interesting to wonder why President Obama has decided to do this. Surely, there is many more people who also could be suitable for this job. Also, it is not like during his first term when he had to satisfy swing voters so he could get back into the White House . What do you think President Obama's motivation is to bring these people into his administration?

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