Monday, October 29, 2012

The Media And The 2012 Presidential Campaign

Something that we have been discussing a little bit in class, is the effect of news media on the presidential campaign this year. More specifically is how the media affects a possible voter and who he will end up choosing this November. As I was browsing various news sites such as CNN, Huffington Post and NYTimes I noticed that many of the headlines regarding the campaigns today were the results of various polls and which candidate was leading. On the Huffington Post, I noticed this article. To read it click here. This is something that is not just showing up today, its been the obsession of the news media to be displaying daily polls and who is leading and by how many percentage points. These polls often display where registered voters are leaning towards giving their vote and if they are still undecided, who is their most likely pick. 

I started to wonder how these various polls influence potential voters who read these news sources. Also how did these voters know to trust these polls and know that they are accurate? Finally, why would they let other peoples opinions influence their vote? These are just some questions that I have started to think about. What do you think?

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