Monday, September 3, 2012

As the presidential election day draws closer, so much more of the news is being devoted to politics and the campaigns by both parties. As I was browsing through the mainly political and left winged biased online newspaper, The Huffington Post, I came across an article that really shook something in me (to see the full article, click here). Michael Moore, a prominent filmmaker and political activist was interviewed and quoted saying, “Mitt Romney is going to raise more money then Barack Obama. That should guarantee his victory.” This is especially shocking coming from Moore who is known to be a huge supporter of President Obama. To read more about Moore and his political activism, click here.
I believe Moore has a good point about the role money plays in all types of elections from local government all the way to the presidential election. Money is funneled into television ads supporting a candidate, election head quarters, and paraphernalia such as t-shirts and bumper stickers. All of this is crucial to getting somebody elected and the candidate that fundraises the most money is given much more of a chance of winning.
Mitt Romney has already been given the advantage over Barack Obama because Romney’s policies benefit huge corporations more so they are more likely to give top dollar to Romeny’s campaign so he gets elected and instills these policies. According to a website that puts lists together of the top company contributors to various campaigns. According to this website, Goldman Sachs has donated over $676,080 to Mitt Romneys campaign.
I believe that the way money plays a huge role in campaigns directly relates back to the United States and the way we elect important government officials. For example, if there were rules against the amount of money in campaigns allowed, I believe that we would truly be able to see what every candidate stands for and what they will do once they become president. Without the money the election becomes much more clear and fair to every candidate. That way the policies of one candidate wont be swayed to certain companies that will donate a lot of money. However, money allows candidates to get the word out about their campaign. It could go either way. Should money be allowed in elections or not? Or to what extent? 

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